F&Q About AI Tools

General F&Qs

Is this Crypto AI free?

Yes, the Crypto AI app is free to use, offering basic features at no cost. You will need to have a working Gemini API Key in order to use the app.

Do I need to pay for a Gemini API Key?

Obtaining a Gemini API Key is currently free of charge.

How is the API key handled?

Your API key is secure and stored locally on your device. This static app does not utilize a backend, ensuring that all data is stored in your browser’s local storage. Requests to Open AI’s API are sent directly from your current browser, enhancing privacy and security.

Where can I get a Gemini API Key?

you can sign up directly with Gemini at https://makersuite.google.com/app/apikey

How does this Crypto AI work?

The Crypto AI app is a static web app, eliminating the need for a backend server. Upon entering your API key, it is securely stored locally on your browser. All API requests are directly transmitted from your browser to Gemini servers, facilitating seamless interaction with Gemini.

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